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            Refined Sunflower Oil Supplier

            Parameter Unit Limit value Palmitic acid (C16) g/100g of fat 5 - 7.6 Stearic acid (C18) g/100g of fat 2.7 - 6.5 Oleic acid (C18:1n9) g/100g of fat 14 - 39.4 Linoleic acid (C18:2n6) g/100g of fat 48.3 - 74 Arachidic acid (C20) g/100g of fat 0.1 - 0.5 Behenic acid (C22) g/100g of fat 0.3 - 1.5Lignoceric acid (C24) g/100g of fat Max. 0.5 Acid number mg/KOH/g of fat Max. 0.60 Insoluble impurities % Max. 0.05 Peroxide number mmol of active oxygen/kg Max. 10.00 Humidity g/100g Max. 0.20 Energy value kJ/100g 3699Fat after hydrolysis g/100g 99.9


            Type Refined Oil
            Shelf Life 2 Years
            Usage Cooking, Food
            Packaging Plastic Bottle, Drum, Pet Bottles
            Form Liquid
            Production Capacity 1000MT/MONTH

            Additional Information

            Min. Order Quantity 17 Metric Ton
            Payment Terms T/T
            Delivery Time URGENT
            Packaging Details Plastic bottles, Tin and Jerry can. 20 fit 17 M/T and 40 fit 27 M/T